A start

 is for Adventure;  The beginning of a possibility.

is for...

To pull a Duffy. Approving something confidently without even looking at it, simply because you know it's behind schedule. Extreme confidence in creating something out of absolutely nothing, is seldom successful.  “Sometimes all you need is a nose.”

is for Fiction; It is interesting to be caught up in ones own fiction. -LH

The ability to start before you are altogether ready in order to initiate a beginning.

is for Honesty; Stay honest so you can hear the truths. 

• Hypomnemata; 
A copybook, a notebook. 
A sort of written permanent relationship between self and self. Memoranda, quotations, fragments of works, examples, actions witness or read, reflections and reasoning heard or have come to mind. A material memory of things read, heard, or thought, thus offering these as an accumulated treasure for rereading and later meditation. Also used as raw material for writing more formal work.  

is for Lenny;  Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. 
The trick is the doing something else.  -Lenny da Vinci
  —We refer to Leonardo as Lenny, as we refer to Joseph Campbell as Joey - This is not in dis-respect. Quite the opposite. We recognize our honor of them by referring to them as if they were our buddies. That would be heaven. We secretly work as tho we might be walked in on by one of our heroes.
To pull a Lenny
To think of a great idea or technique, and then not do it.  Since the conceptual creation already exists perfectly in the mind - why muddle it up with an actual physical object?

is for...  

In the Theater World when a garment or hat is built in the costume shop sometimes the best compliment that you can receive is that it looks store-bought-new.
Sometimes these prop items of outdoor hats and great-coats are only seen for 30 seconds in the dark. As the player dashes into the scene and throws off the winter garments the stage lights begin to glow on and the 30 hours of studio work is seen in a pile on the couch.

is for...

Prop: A physical noun, proper or common. Often an exaggerated version of the real thing. At best when uniquely bricolaged out of other than what it is. Also: people that aren't for much else except taking up space.

is for Recipe;

is for Watershed;

is for...

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